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me5Hi, I’m Bob Hunter, a retired quality assurance and electrical engineer, most recently I qualified to teach adults and worked to support the quality of teaching in British Higher Education.

I have always been interested in the history of England, taking part in my first archaeological dig of a Roman Fort at Papcastle in the Lake District whilst still at school.  Recently I have combined that interest with an interest in my own family’s genealogy, and enjoy exploring the links between local and national history and decisions made by family members.

I hope that I will be able to explore some of these links with you in this blog.

Please contact me with information you can add or correct, with support and criticism.  I look forward to your feedback

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  1. Geoff Geary

    Hi Bob,
    My name is Geoff Geary, but my mother’s maiden name was Hunter. Her father’s (my grandfather) name was Leslie Hunter. He was born in Coromandel, New Zealand where his family were in the sawmilling business. Somehow we are connected to George Burton Hunter on Swan Hunter shipbuilding fame. The family story goes that my grandfather’s father was the captain of a newly built ship he was delivering to New Zealand. That would have been in the late 1800,s I think. He liked the country so he decided to stay.
    That is the story anyway. Does it ring any bells with you? I can ask my mother if she has any additional information.
    Geoff Geary

  2. RayRob

    Very recent message found on the internet

    Sir George Burton Hunter, KBE (19 December 1845 – 21 January 1937) was
    a British shipbuilder based on Tyneside. Born in Sunderland. In 1873
    he married Annie Hudson 14 April 1873 in York, England. They went on
    to have four daughters and two sons. He lived at The Willows in
    Jesmond in Newcastle upon Tyne.

    Looking for a son, Stanley HUNTER.
    When was he born?
    When did he arrive in NZ?
    Settled in Auckland.
    He died in Auckland. ? 1954 -1956.


    1. Bob_Hunter Post author

      Other that my Grandfather working for Swan Hunter and my Father and Brother sailing in ships built by them, unfortunately, I have not yet discovered any links between George Burton Hunter’s family and mine. Though I’m sure there must be at some place some time, both families come from Wearside.


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