Billy Hunter grows up

We have already seen how Billy Hunter was born to George and Dorothy Hunter in Sunderland on 5 June 1901.  He was baptised William Wilson in St Paul’s Church, Hendon, Sunderland on 20 June, William was a family name his Grandfather, Great Grandfather, 2 Greats Grandfather, and 3 Greats Grandfather had all been christened with… Read More »

Battle of Towton 29 March 1461

The bloodiest battle on English soil ever: Palm Sunday, Lancastrian King Henry VI vs Yorkist King Edward IV: Just to the east of Leeds in West Yorkshire is the small village of Towton.  This village sprang to fame on 29 March 1461 with what has been described as the bloodiest battle ever fought on English… Read More »

The Mauretania

By the start of the 20th century British dominance of the Atlantic Passenger Trade had been lost to Germany and America.  Cunard the British flag bearer in the trade had concentrated on smaller slower more efficient ships, but that policy was loosing out to competitors’ speed and luxury.  So it was in 1901 Cunard began… Read More »

Postcard from home

William Wilson (Billy) Hunter was born on 5 June 1901 in Bishopwearmoth, Co Durham to George Albert Hunter and Dorothy Ann Small.  George and Dot were both natives of Sunderland and had married the previous August shortly after George had taken a job with Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson in Newcastle upon Tyne as a… Read More »

War time in Bristol

In fact Billy had to move to Bristol before they married and it may have been this separation, and the threat that it might be permanent following invasion which precipitated the event. In any event his place of abode on the marriage certificate is Woodstock Road, Bristol. After marriage they settled into a rented house… Read More »

Billy & Eva get married

As the “Hitler War”, as he liked to call it, started William Wilson (Billy) Hunter was working for the Board Of Trade as a Marine Engineering Surveyor.  As the government transformed itself to a war footing he was transferred to the Department for War Transport and asked to move to Falmouth in Cornwall. Falmouth was… Read More »


Hi, I’m Bob Hunter, currently living in Yorkshire, England, with an interest in English history and the impact it has had on my family.  My family originates from North East England (County Durham and Northumberland) and the South West (Somerset, Devon and Cornwall). I will, I hope, be blogging on at least a weekly time frame,… Read More »